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Pressure Field Extension Diagnostic Kit

It’s a science, use it to your advantage

Due to varying sub slab soil conditions and building size, determining the exact negative pressure required for the job has always been a challenge. Not knowing exact sub slab pressure drop characteristic, radon mitigation becomes art not a science.

Pressure Field Extension Diagnostic Kit, or PFEDK, as the name implies is a tool that can help radon mitigators accurately sizing any sub-slab depressurization application up to 4.4” Static. No more guessing or “poking and hoping” that the past experience would work.

How it works in 4 simple steps

  1. Install the PFEDK fan on pit opening and measure the pressure drop at MAXIMUM FAN SPEED to establish the sub-slab pressure characteristic.
  2. Reduce the Fan’s speed, establishing the lowest possible speed wherein you are still maintaining good communication with your Pressure Field Extension points – this is your initial WORKING POINT
  3. Calculate the additional pressure drop that the pipe “downstream” of the fan will add (include all 90s, 45s, termination cap and pipe length) using initial WORKING POINT CFM value. Add pipe pressure drop to sub-slab pressure drop to determine your system WORKING POINT
  4. Using graphs provided and select the right fan that meets or exceeds Design Working Point. Or even easier still, punch these data into our handy free PFEDK APP and it will show you the fans that will perform for your application