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Kingston Radon Solutions uses only highly trained technicians and cutting-edge technology to secure your dwelling. With the consequences of poor support being potentially fatal, we leave nothing to chance.


Foolproof Testing

Our long-term testing kit is installed within your home or office, where it takes readings over a minimum 91-day period. Long-term testing is the best way to determine the precise levels of radon within a structure, which in turn informs how best for us to treat the space.

Using the test kit is easy. Simply wait for the testing period to end and then return to us in a pre-addressed envelope, which will be provided to you during our first visit. From there, it is as simple as waiting just a few days for the results!


Practical Mitigation Practices

Upon receipt of your test results, our technicians will work with you or the property manager to determine the best way to mitigate any excessive radon presence. Normally, this is as simple as installing or retrofitting your ventilation system, which will either completely filter out the harmful particles or elevate the number of clean air exchanges per hour to render those particles inert.


Short Term Measurement

For sites where radon presence is expected to be high, we also offer short-term tests. In these instances, a state-of-the-art commercial grade detection monitor is installed. The test yields rapid results and reports on hourly radon levels to provide you with a firm understanding of the situation. If radon levels are found to be in excess of acceptable amounts, we can assist new home buyers by incorporating the appropriate mitigation system into their purchase. We will also install long-term kits after you move in, so you can have peace of mind knowing your home is not only being treated but also continually monitored in real-time.


DIY Radon Mitigation Packages

If you prefer completing the job yourself, please explore our reliable DIY Radon Mitigation Kits.

Since the consequences of radon exposure don’t often manifest until long after prolonged exposure, time truly is of the essence. Give us a call today to set up an appointment. Remember, your health is our priority

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Our Process

Our process is designed to assess risk, conduct diagnostics, and mitigate where needed. It can be broken down into three simple steps:


No-Cost Home Assessment

Our qualified, experienced scientists will come to your home and conduct a thorough evaluation. Leaving no stone unturned, we will carefully examine your home’s foundation, basement usage, and sub-slab granular material. Looking at all possible radon entry points, we will determine the most efficient and cost-effective mitigation method. You will receive system suggestions and an estimate before moving to step two.


Mitigation Diagnostics

Now that we understand the potential radon impact on your home, this is where our scientific background and knowledge come into play. We utilize a process designed by Health Canada to ensure that your home’s foundation is protected.


Mitigation System Installation

We carefully complete all aspects related to the installation, including sealing, piping, vents outside your home, and system monitoring. Afterward, we will conduct testing to ensure your home’s foundation is being treated.

Financing Available

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