Tools That Set Us Apart 

RadonEye Pro Continuous Radon Monitor

Fast, accurate, research-grade performance in a continuous radon monitor.

RadonEye Pro is an C-NRPP and CARST certified device. Real-time inspection displays the first reliable result within 60 minutes, with updates every 10 minutes.

First reading 10 minutes after plug + play installation, reliable result within 1 hour

Onboard ultra sensitive 30 cph per pCi/L instrumentation for >10x accuracy than other radon detectors

Wifi and Bluetooth enabled for maximum connectivity and remote monitoring capabilities

Transform one-time inspection into long-term and continuous monitoring with easy report generation

RadonEye Pro uses Pulsed Ion chamber technology. It has a 60-minute moving average data storage interval with readings every 10 minutes. Accuracy (95% confidence interval) after 10 hours , +/-10% (minimum error , +/- 0.5 pCi/L. Precision , +/-10% at 10 pCi/L.