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How do I get rid of Radon?

Keeping radon out of your home is our specialty.

How do I get rid of Radon? (Mitigation techniques)

The most common and most effective solution to radon mitigation is called an Active Soil Depressurization (ASD) system. When we install an ASD system, we guarantee to be able to bring the radon levels in your house down below the Health Canada action level for at least 5 years!

To install an Active Soil Depressurization system, a pipe is inserted in the foundation floor slab of a home, through which a fan draws in the radon containing air from the soil beneath the house and expelling it outdoors.  This system will also reverse the air pressure difference between a home and soil beneath it, further reducing the amount of radon entering. (An additional benefit of this system is that it is found to reduce moisture levels in basements!)

Along with the installation of the ASD system, we will also seal off any major radon entry routes discovered during the on-site evaluation. This includes caulking any existing cracks in the foundation floor or walls, installing sump pit covers, radon proof floor drains and vapor barrier if required.

In the case that your home is built on a soil/rock foundation with a crawlspace, along with the ASD system, a vapor barrier (durable plastic sheet) will be installed across the ground and walls of your crawlspace, creating an airtight barrier. The fan will then draw air from beneath this plastic barrier, creating a vacuum, sucking the radon containing air from the soil beneath and releasing it outdoors.

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